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Considering Some Deaf!Clint Fanction. Any Takers?

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 20, 2015, 3:59 AM

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Welp, it's been yet another insanely long dry-spell. Can it be considered a "dry spell" if I haven't actually uploaded anything for, like, a year? Anyway, I think I might actually have an update for that! MAYBE. Possibly. We'll see.

I hope everyone reading this has seen the new Avengers movie! I've seen it three times. So far - planning on probably seeing it again in July. Hopefully it's still in theaters (probably should be, right? At LEAST the cheap theater, although probably not even that). So I've been hugely into that, as well as the Avengers Assemble cartoon, which is fabulous, and if you're an Avengers fan and haven't been watching it, shame on you. Anywho, I have always, ALWAYS, loved me some Hawkeye. You can actually read about it a little on my Tumblr blog (yes, I have a tumblr! And I need encouragement to actually use it, more!), but I'm thinking of doing a bit of deaf!Clint fiction, because there really isn't a whole lot out there. I like his being deaf again in the comics, which I've also really been reading up on. Seriously, you should see my comic book 'collection'. It's all seriously one character, and one character only xD Well, Kate is also in a lot of them, which is fabulous, because she's fabulous, and because the newer books need SOMEONE to knock Clint down a peg or seven, lol.

Anywho, I know most all my readers/viewers have probably dried up by now. But if anyone is reading this, maybe you're a fan of my old Assassin's Creed fiction, or something, but would you find Avengers stuff interesting, too? I might base it off the newer movie, or I might just stick to the older one (I like Clint/Nat as a pairing way too much, but not in the super obvious, sort of obnoxious way). Regardless, there will be Hawkeye, and he will be deaf. Interested, anyone?

(Anything I write, I may also submit to Archive of Our Own, because that's where the deaf!Clint tag originated, and it seems to have quite the following, there.)

RudeOnion, signing off.


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-courtesy of the lovelyGasara :)



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